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The dog opened a door, and she told a human voice: "Gav-gav, who came to me since morning to disturb my dream". (The dog opened the door, and it said in human voice: ''Bow-wow, who came to me in the morning to disturb my sleep.)

These results may occur when you use your dearly loved online translators (for example, like in this case, to translate text from Russian into English). This way you do yourself more harm than good. First, you spend time on the translation (on the work with the program), and then you have to try to comprehend the meaning of the Russian-Russian text you get. Such method is fine for university students, preparing for the lessons (but still it can get them in wrong), but if you need to translate important documents, commercial information about a company, business correspondence, then the risk is not worth it.

That's why it would be better for you to visit a translation agency, where you will not only save time, but also get a high-quality translation.

What can we offer you?

  • Translation of any level of complexity, which will be carried out by qualified personnel;
  • Translation and notarization of documents;
  • Technical translation, with each topic of it translated by the specialist.

You can also use the interpretation service, and we will work during an important meeting, conference, presentation or seminar for you.

We work with 25 world languages, and constantly monitor even the slightest changes in the rules of pronunciation and spelling. Apart from the fact that our employees are experts of foreign languages, they also have perfect knowledge of their own. This allows us to provide customers with not only qualified, but also with the correct translation. One should agree that writing incorrectly in English is bad, but making mistakes in Russian, your native language, is worse.

So do not think long and come to our agency. Our costs will definitely please you. Follow our discounts and special offers, we always have the price of the month for a specific language or service.

You can contact us via phone or e-mail. If you need to talk to our managers, you can use Skype and ICQ. If you are still in doubt, then order our free test translation and make sure that we provide the services of excellent quality.

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